Governor Jerry Brown has brought in a man who knows water issues to fix California's water crisis.

Former Arizona Governor and Clinton Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is now working in an office right up the street from the Capitol at a salary of $10,000 a month paid by the California Department of Water Resources.

Babbitt's main goal is to help Governor Brown lock in the California Water Fix , which includes twin Delta Tunnels plan.

This is not Babbitt's first go-round with California water issues. He worked on the CalFed Bay-Delta program while Interior Secretary.

While Babbitt has said we need some kind of water conveyance system, Barbara Barragan-Parilla with tunnel opponent "Restore The Delta" has a different perspective.

"He actually removed the idea of conveyance from that project, so for him to do a reversal now, under the guise of 'this is environmental' I find really problematic," Barragan-Parilla said.

Barragan-Parilla says while she respects Secretary Babbitt's career, she believes his experience will lead him to continue with an approach to water that is outdated for what could be a longer-term shortage of water.