Sacramento area water agencies are among those being allowed by the state to set water conservation goals the rest of this year. Those agencies are also saying they can meet demand for the next three years, drought or no drought.

That may seem like a mixed message, but Amy Talbot with the Regional Water Authority in Sacramento says it really is not.

"I can see how it could be [seen as] contradictory," Talbot said. She insists water conservation is the new norm in California. "The big deal here is that we had drought mandates, but we still need to use water efficiently. It's never okay to waste."

George Kostyrko is a spokesman for the California Water Resources Control Board. He says the board members may implement more mandatory limits as soon as this winter.

"If they used more water in July 2016 than they did in July of 2013, which is our baseline year for comparison...there is some force conservation that has to occur," Kostyrko said.

Kostyrko believes there is a misconception that adequate water supplies for a majority of the state's water districts means using as much water as you like, including outdoor irrigation of landscaping.

Talbot also notes that conservation is here to stay, since there is no escaping drought in California.