As gold medal-winning Team USA swimmer Katie Ledecky prepared to become just the second woman to sweep the women's freestyle races, the local Olympian who did it first joined to cheer her on.

It was the 1968 Mexico City games where Debbie Meyer won gold in the 200, 400 and 800 meter freestyle. Ledecky did it by obliterating the world record in the 800.

Meyer shares some things in common with Ledecky, like Maryland as their birth place, but she says a lot of things have changed in the nearly half-century since she competed, and it is not just the suits and the silicone caps to reduce drag in the water, but the training.

Meyer says where she swam seven to 10 miles every day, much of the training is done out of the water. She also says the Rio games, like others before, will mean more kids come to her pool in Carmichael ready to learn to swim.

"'I want to go to the Olympics when I get older'," Meyer said they tell her. "Or 'I want to swim like you,' 'I want to be like Missy Franklin,' 'I want to be like Katie Ledecky,' and of course, what I say is, 'You have to enjoy it. You have to have fun and you have to work hard.'"

Meyer says that means you have to work hard every single day if you want a shot to win, but she says you can do it if you put your mind to it.