Every student at one Sacramento school will bring home more than their books this weekend.  They all get a complete Thanksgiving dinner.

school turkey giveaway 1

The give-away started after North Area Community School teacher Vickie Foston-Odabashian's father passed away in 2012 because she wanted to carry on his tradition of bringing pies from his favorite diner in Oroville to every family function, "and I said 'you know, I wonder if we can get some pies donated for Thanksgiving that we can give out to the students," Foston-Odabashian says, "and my co-worker said, 'Why stop at pies? Let's try turkeys, too.'"

school turkey giveaway 2

Since then, the number of students has nearly doubled to 76, who all get to take turkey, sides and a pie home.

Gabriel Martinez says for his family, this comes at the right time.  "Right now, I'm on a limited income on workman's comp, and you know how that is - it just barely pays the bills," Martinez says, "It was getting to a point we might not have Thanksgiving this year, but this came through so this is going to help us out a lot.  Big time." 

Gabriel says his wife is in rehabilitation after a hip injury, and she doesn't know he's planned to have her kids, who haven't been all together in a while, for Thanksgiving dinner, now with plenty for everyone to eat.