Spring means lots of plants in bloom in California, and for kids with allergies the season can bring lots of sniffing and sneezing.

Dr. Michelle Lierl says parents need to make sure it's not a cold that's causing the misery.  

A runny nose, coughing, and headaches are symptoms of both, but she says a child won't feel sick with allergies and will just be more irritated.

"Their nose itches, their eyes itch. Their eyes will become swollen and red and they'll rub them a lot. They'll sneeze and have, like, fits of sneezing," she said. 

She says over-the-counter antihistamines can also relieve symptoms, but must be taken daily throughout the entire allergy season.  

Dr. Lierl says if medication isn't working well, the next step is allergy shots, which are ordered by a doctor after the child undergoes testing.