The holiday season is a time when eveyone wants to feel their best! But oftentimes, we all end up feeling a little stressed and overworked, and that can lead to illness. Take a look at these ten tips for a healthy holiday. 

1. Wipe Away Germs

If you are riding any form of public transportation (plane, train or bus) bring a couple disenfectant wipes with you and wipe down the area. Wipe down arm rests, windows, air vents, seat belt buckles tray tables and anything else you think might have germs on it that you will be in direct contact with. Studies have shown high numbers of bacteria and germs on tray tables -- and people eat and drink from them! 

2. Stay Hydrated

The air in planes often has low humidity and the high altitude can be very dehydrating. When you're dehydrated you are even more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Keeping hydrated means that your mucous membranes can more easily flush out germs. On top of the eight glasses a day that you should be downing daily, drink an extra eight ounces for each hour you spend in the air.

3. Wash Your Hands

Keep your hands clean. Research shows that hand-to-mouth passing of germs is very common. Keep an alcohol-based  hand sanitizer in your purse or bag at all tiemes and make sure you wash your hands regularly. 

4. Relax

The holiday season is known for its stress. Massage sessions lower levels of the stress hormimone cortizone and increase the production of white blood cells -- which fight off germs. Try a quick massage at a mall kiosk or schedule a full-body rubdown at a massage parlor.

5. Say No to Too Many Treats

Shopping may not be burning as many calories as you think! You may be tempted to have a sweet treat while you shop, but it isn't a good idea. Pack some healthy snacks, like almonds or an apple, in your purse or bag if you need a quick pick-me-up! If you eat one of those giant mall cinnamon rolls, you'll have to walk around for six hours just to burn it off! 

6. Stay in and Rest Up

During the holidays you may be tempted to attend every holiday party that you are invited to. But be careful! Staying out late and indulging too much can cause a mental burnout or stress you out. If you don't get a good night's sleep you're more likely to get sick.  

7. Prevent Overeating

That all you can eat holiday buffet sure looks tempting, and by all means, everybody should partake in some holiday fare, but just don't overdue it. Listen to your body. And practice portion control. If that's not working, try chewing a piece of gum before your meal. The action of chewing tricks your body into thinking you've already eaten, so you actually eat less.  

8. Have a Drink! But Not Too Many...

Cider, Egg Nog, Festive Martinis! It's OK to have a drink (or two) but it's easy to get swept up in the festivities and over do it. Try to limit yourself to two drinks, and also drink plenty of water. If you're dehydrated, you're more likely to get sick. If you wake up hungover, make sure you drink more water, take a pain killer and get more sleep if possible.