UPDATE: Thursday, 1:10 p.m.

Wednesday's killing of a small time moving man -- shot inside the cab of his van -- is just the latest in a series of incidents to plague the Victory Park Neighborhood.  

Authorities identified the victim as 42-year-old Colen Lugo, Sr.

Sheriff's Sergeant Jason Ramos says he's reluctant to label a community as having a crime problem, but Ramos said that neighbors in the area say things have "gone downhill" during the past year.

Ramos didn't have statistics, but says residents are reporting more loitering and drug activity taking place in Caymus Park where the victim Colen Lugo, Sr., a father of 10 children, was shot and killed. 


SACRAMENTO -- The community of Meadowbrook is stunned by the murder of a man found slumped over behind the wheel of a moving van on Wednesday.  

Sheriff's Sergeant Jason Ramos said that responding officers found a man on the bench seat of the vehicle. He was found with bullet wounds to the upper body, and pronounced dead by paramedics.

The scene of the crime was roped off, including all of Caymus Park.

Given the time of day, there were more police on scene than neighbors or children. Concerned residents gathered in pairs and trios quietly watching the investigation slowly making progress.

Authorities have no definitive information about suspects.