Most of us have a cell phone, one-third of us have a tablet. More Californians are now going mobile when they want to get online.

Dean Bommer with the Public Policy Institute of California says that the institute found double-digit increases in using both cell phones and tablets to go online since 2011. Bommer also said hand-held devices now make up the majority of internet use in the state.

Shopping is the No. 1 activity, social networking, however, is a close second.

And while users may scroll without a second thought, there's still a digital divide out there. Thirty-seven percent of Californians have a phone as their only type of access.

Bommer said that Latinos and lower-income Internet users are much more likely to have lower quality Internet experience, because they access websites exclusively on a cell phone or tablet.

Just 14 percent of Californians don't use the Internet.