SACRAMENTO -- It was a good day for kindergartners at Howe Elementary School this morning.

They were presented with a number of items including toys and backpacks full of school supplies.

Joey Cisneros is the CEO of Kids Helping Kids in Sacramento, the organization that donated the supplies.

"We are a nonprofit agency -- completely student run -- and we love to help those in need, both in the community and globally," Cisneros said.

The group is made up of 60 high school kids that came together to collect and donate the items. Thanks to a donation from Wal-Mart, Kids Helping Kids went on a $2,500 shopping spree for today's event.

Howe Elementary Vice Principal Kirsten Thomas-Acke says this serves as good example for younger students.

For students to see young people acting in such a way, and showing civic responsibility, is great for them, she said.