A new report suggests your iPhone is chewing up energy faster than your refrigerator and that's leading to environmental destruction.

A report by Mark Mills with Digital Power Group finds that the iPhone uses about 360 kilowatt hours a year -- 40 more kilowatts than your average fridge connecting to the Cloud. The report also says the world's communications systems, which make iPhones possible, use 10 percent of the world's energy -- most of which is generated by air-polluting fossil fuels.

However, Jonathon Koomey with Stanford University disputes Mills' assertions.

"Every time we have investigated his claims in the past, we find that he overestimates electricity use for IT equipment," Koomey said.

Koomey says he's debunked Mills' similar claims about the Palm Pilot in the past and puts no stock in this current report.

You can read the full report, "The Cloud Begins With Coal"