ROSEVILLE, Calif. -- Roseville Police say an independent audit has located funds officers believe should prevent them from having to take a pay cut.

The city's 103 officers are taking home anywhere between $450 and $850 less a month under a new contract imposed by the city on May 30th.

Association President Jerry Wernli claims cuts were due to financial shortages, so Roseville Police hired an independent auditor.

"She found that the city had $81.3 million, above and beyond the $10 million of reserves in various accounts throughout the city," Wernli said.

A city spokesperson, however, says those funds are allocated for other means -- like city improvements, vehicle replacements and the like -- and police are merely seeing the same contract changes as other unions in Roseville.

The money that's coming out of take-home pay is funding pension accounts, and that officers are receiving an additional 45 hours of annual leave time and increased health care benefits in return.   

City Manager Ray Kerridge adds that, if the police union isn't satisfied with its current standing and would like to negotiate a contract, the next move is theirs, but they need to go through established protocol.

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