ROSEVILLE, Calif. -- The Roseville Police Union will release an audit on Wednesday that they say shows Roseville has a lot more money than it says it has -- raising the question about why it cut officers' pay by hundreds of dollars a month.

The City of Roseville moved ahead in June with the cuts to police pay -- some officers losing as much as $850 a month.

"The city says they have no money, at least when they're coming to us, when it comes to negotiations. Yet we found information that is very contrary to that," Officer Jerry Wernli of the Roseville Police Officers' Association said.

The city says it has no revenue, yet their spending is up, Wernli said.

The Roseville Police Officers' association paid for an independent audit of the city's finances, he said.

"I think the citizens are really the ones that need to know. They need to know that 'Yeah your city is not what they're saying it is,'" Wernli said.

Details of the audit will be released Wednesday morning. KFBK will bring you those results as soon as they're available.