CALIFORNIA -- While hundreds of salmon were stranded in irrigation ditches in the Colusa Basin earlier this year, there's still plenty of time for them to get out.

Bob Simms, host of the KFBK Outdoor Report, says it's really not out of the ordinary.

"Every time these bypasses flood, and fish are migrating up the river, they're gonna follow that flow of water, if it happens ot go up across flooded fields, it doesn't make any difference to them," Simms said.

But, once the floodwaters drop and water stops entering the bypasses, the salmon have no way out.  And, that's the case with current low water levels.

There hasn't been substantial rainfall this year, so the water level is low, and the fish are trapped in the system, Simms said.

And, once the bypasses again flood, fish will migrate through.