The water levels are dropping by the day. Folsom Lake and American River could soon see five-year water level lows.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which operates Folsom Dam, says the lake's level could be at just a quarter of its capacity by the time we head into next year.

"We're looking at about 241,000 acre feet. Right now we're at 562," Spokesman Pete Lucero said.

That drop will have an effect on the American River -- flows could be a third of what they are now by October. And it's not just us -- it's statewide, Lucero said.

The reservoir levels are currently lower than normal, Lucero said. Most reservoirs are only 70 to 80 percent full across the state.

There's enough to get us through this year, but another dry winter could present some problems.

"Where we'll find the most concern, probably is in Folsom, because we are dropping pretty quickly," Lucero said.