The 10th annual First Robotics Competition is under way at UC Davis, where hundreds of students are putting their robots to the test. 

There are 55 teams competing from all across California. Today is the practice round.

Beth Traub is the spokeswoman and mentor of one of the teams competing.

"This year their job is to take big yoga exercise sitting balls and to get them to their alliance partners -- because there are three robots having to work together -- over a a six-foot tall truss and then into an eight-foot tall high goal or a low goal that's at the field level," Traub said. 

Patrick is from Buchanan High School in Clovis. He says he learned about the competition in high school, and since he always liked working with technology and building things.

"It was an obvious for me choice to join. I've talked to my friends they just think it's cool because we're building giant 120 pound robots. It's something news, and I think that attracts people and that gets people to want to do it," he said. 

The opening ceremonies begin Friday and continue into the championships on Saturdays.

The four teams that come out on top will get the chance to compete in Nationals in St. Louis in April. 

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