February brought some rainy relief, but it looks like our drought will only worsen into spring.

The latest drought monitor from the National Weather Service shows 22 percent of California in exceptional drought, the worst designation there is.

Progress that was made last month offered temporary -- and unexpected -- relief for farmers but those gains are fading fast in some areas, and they've disappeared in others.

"We do have a little more reservoirs, but still, our above normal February doesn't recover us," Meterologist Holly Osborne said. 

Osborne says the "March Miracle" being hoped for won't arrive.

Temperatures will be above average through Monday with some precipitation Tuesday into Friday, then more dry conditions after that.

State superintendent of schools Tom Torlakson says communities hit hard by the drought will get help with school funding, as students of farm families leave the area, looking for work.

Torlakson vowed to groups in the Central Valley that he will use his powers under the governor's drought declaration to minimize the harm.

Graphics courtesy of National Weather Service