Even though officials are calling for conservation because of the drought, there are some water customers in California who reportedly can use as much water as they want.

Right now, 42 California communities are lagging in installing the most basic tool for water management -- water meters.

That's according to a Mercury News report, which also notes that over a quarter-million homeowners and businesses statewide can still use an unlimited amount of water without seeing higher bills.  

Steve Pedretti with Sacramento County Water Resources says there are some of those customers in his service area.

"At this point we have 55,000 customers, I believe there are, perhaps, 2,000 to 3,000 that have not yet been metered," Pedretti said. 

Pedretti says they're working to meter all customers, and there's been a huge uptick in calls from people complaining about water use by neighbors, and the county is cracking down on water-wasters.

Pedretti says most people prefer metered use, because it saves them money in the long-run.