CalTrans has begun work on I-80 between West El Camino and Watt Avenue, and drivers should expect delays of about 15 minutes for the next year.

CalTrans is cautioning drivers to be prepared for delays, as the "Across The Top" project is set to repave a 10-mile section of Interstate 80.

Crews began repaving eastbound lanes between West El Camino Boulevard and Watt Avenue on Saturday.

Vehicles are being diverted to inside lanes for the project, but CalTrans says drivers will have full access to the off-ramps from the right lanes.

Drivers should be aware of "express lanes," near the inside of the roadway, that offer the chance to go through the construction zone straight through to Watt Avenue. Drivers who need to exit before Watt should use the outer lanes.

CalTrans says to expect delays of up to 20 minutes during the repaving project, as 130,000 vehicles a day use the interstate.

After the project is completed in late 2015 or early 2016, motorists will be able to take advantage of approximately 24 miles of continuous bus/carpool lanes connecting Sacramento County to Placer County.

Caltrans estimates the project will eliminate more than 4 million hours of delays and improve air quality.

Photo: CalTrans


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