With the big 49ers-Seattle Seahawks conference matchup this Sunday, the big topic of conversation this week is....49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's khakis.

Harbaugh is known for his trademark tan khakis and black sweatshirt that he tucks in for every game.

His wife, Sarah, told The Los Angeles Times her husband has a "flattering" body, but he also loves a bargain.  He likes to wear an $8 dollar version of khakis he found at Wal-Mart.

As a reminder, Harbaugh makes $5 million dollars a year.

Sarah Harbaugh refused to call her husband superstitious, because he claims not to be, but she said he also won't buy a new car or make any changes "that could change other things."

She said her husband may be open to a wardrobe change for game day, but....not until next season.