Crews are preparing for another day of searching for the missing Malaysian airliner. They're hoping to find Flight 370's presumed wreckage before the batteries in the plane's black boxes die. Any possible leads in the search continue going nowhere. 

Australian officials said Monday that four orange objects spotted by searching aircraft turned out to be fishing equipment. "Good night Malaysian three-seven-zero" are the last words that were heard from the jet before it disappeared more than three weeks ago. 

All 239 passengers and crew are presumed to be dead. 

Australia's Prime Minister said Monday he's not putting a time limit on the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. He said the intensity of the search and the magnitude of operations is increasing, not decreasing. 

Meanwhile, an Illinois judge is tossing out the first lawsuit over the missing jet. Circuit Court Judge Kathy Flanagan dismissed the suit today, calling it "improper." She also threatened to impose sanctions against the Chicago-based law firm that submitted the motion last Friday.

The judge cited instances where Ribbeck Law Chartered had "improperly" filed petitions, such as last year's Asiana Airlines plane crash in San Francisco.