All 52 scientists and tourists have now been safely rescued from a research ship that's been stuck in ice in the Antarctic since Christmas Eve.

Weather conditions finally cleared today for a helicopter to take the 52 from the Russian ship to an Australian icebreaker.

Among the passengers, a Richmond couple is safe after being saved from the ship. George and Norma Trillia were rescued by chopper earlier today.  Friends of the Trillias say the pair loves exotic travel and this trip will likely be one of their most adventurous ones.

The ship's 22 crew members will stay with their trapped vessel.

They're not in danger of sinking and they have weeks' worth of supplies.

The Antarctic saga isn't quite over though. It could turn out that some of the rescuers need rescuing.  The Australian icebreaker carrying the 52 rescued passengers was told to halt its journey home because there's a chance a Chinese icebreaker involved in the rescue might also get stuck in the ice.