The apparent sexual assault of an Franklin High School student has shocked parents.  

It began with a girl sneaking out of her home to hang out with friends in Morse Park.

However, the girls were drugged, beaten and sexually assaulted by as many as nine other boys, and pictures of the crime were posted on social media.  

News10 spoke to the victim's mother about the assault in an exclusive interview.  

"They were given a bottle of whiskey, a small bottle of whiskey, which only the three girls drank from," the mother said. 

The girl awoke not remembering anything. When the girl returned to school, she saw a video being passed around showing her unconscious.  

"One of the youth, the mother happened to have confiscated the phone, she brought the phone to the school, and at that point the VP reviewed the tape," she said.  

The vice principal of the school has notified Elk Grove Police and an investigation is underway.