Students are having sex on campus at Placer High School, according to the school newspaper.

In an article on public displays of affection on campus written for the Placer High Hillman Messenger, a student reporter claims to have seen a teenage couple engaged in sexual intercourse inside a car in the school parking lot. The reporter said it was pretty obvious what they were doing. 

Journalism adviser Dan Wilson says that wasn't the only sexual activity witnessed at school.

"There were two cases that the students brought up and they wanted to write about it: That it's unacceptable if this is taking place," Wilson said. 

The students here found it pretty astonishing that students would even have sex on campus, Wilson said. 

Wilson insists there's no epidemic of student sex.

Principal Peter Efstathiu takes the same position. He also admits he was unaware of the car sex incident until reading the article this week.

"I've been here six years, and maybe once a year we hear something. It's an isolated incident -- as far as I'm concerned," Efstathiu said. 

The principal has not notified the district superintendent and plans no further action until he speaks with the reporter of the original article.

"It just seems like we're always making hasty decisions and reacting and overreacting," he said. 

Saying sex on campus is not condoned, he is considering using this situation as a teachable moment for the student body at Placer High School.

Listen to the full report here:

Hear the motivation behind the piece from the student journalist. 

Note: KFBK made the decision to omit the names of students involved in the article to protect their identities because they are minors.