With the threat of terrorism hanging over the 2014 Winter Games at Sochi, how can Americans who are attending ensure they stay safe?

That question may explain why the games could take place in front of a lot of empty seats.  THere are less than three weeks to go until the opening ceremony and hundreds of thousands of tickets still haven't been sold.  Fears of terrorism may be keeping some foreign fans away.  There's word Tuesday that Russian security officials are looking for three potential female suicide bombers, including one who's believed to be in Sochi. 

Military expert John Ubaldi advised that just like anytime you go to a foreign country, the best thing to do is to stay within the safe areas.

"Careful where you're going. Hang around, don't go to some place you don't know. Watch for anybody leaving bags or anything that just doesn't look like someone  belongs there," he said. 

Ubaldi is no stranger to this kind of terrorism. He is a Marine who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and he says Russian officials need to be ready.

"They can provide the best security, and anything could possibly happen, so they better be on their highest state of readiness," Ubaldi said. 

If something does go wrong, the U.S. military is standing by to extract American athletes.

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