Opponents of Sacramento's new downtown arena are going to court, seeking an injunction against the demolition of Downtown Plaza.

They want construction of the $477 million project to be put on hold. 

The action is being sought by a group of citizens who sued the city under the California Environmetal Quality Act, or CEQA.

They say the new arena will lead to significant problems with traffic, noise and crime.

By seeking the injunction, the group comes up against a new state law meant to streamline CEQA challenges. Under the law, construction can't be halted unless a judge declares an imminent threat to public health and safety.

They want to overturn it as unconstitutional.

The injunction would halt all demolition activity and construction associated with the sports arena. 

A hearing is set for July 25. Construction is expected to begin in late summer, though an exact date has not been released. The arena is scheduled to open in October 2016.