A Butte County Sheriff's deputy has been removed from patrol after a cellphone video showing him kicking a man during an arrest in Oroville Tuesday morning appeared on Facebook.

VIDEO: Incident caught on camera

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea says Deputy Sam Burnett has been placed on desk duty while the department conducts an Internal Affairs investigation.

“We initiated this investigation immediately because we understand that these types of incidence can cause a deal of concern in the community, appropriately so. “

In an effort to keep everything transparent, Sheriff Honea asked District Attorney Mike Ramsey to conduct a second, independent, investigation:

“I think in this era of ‘Right Now’ this heightened view of police action that was pretty important.”

As the Deputy is white and 56-year old Terry Collins, is black... both the Sheriff and the District Attorney have reached out to members of Oroville's African American community in an effort to prevent racial unrest. Sheriff Honea (Ho-nee) says they sounded very receptive to his call.