A California Assemblyman is introducing a bill that would bar the so-called "affluenza" defense from being deployed in California courts.

That bill was introduced by Los Angeles democrat Mike Gatto.  The affluenza defense stemmed from Texas teen Ethan Couch who cut down four people with his car while driving drunk.

"You know the idea that four people could be killed and somebody goes into court and says, 'we gee I grew up spoiled,' you know. it's ludicrous," said Gatto.

Despite those four deaths Couch received a lenient sentence with no jail time.  Gatto's bill 1508 would bar the affluenza defense here in California.

"A wealthy upbringing or an overly permissive upbringing somehow absolve them of their guilt and should result in a lessened sentence or someone not being guilty of a crime in the first place," said Gatto.