A California Assemblyman has introduced a bill that would ban cigarette butts in the state.

While current law makes tossing a cigarette butt from a vehicle a $1,000 fine and includes a mandatory eight hours of litter clean-up, Assemblyman Mark Stone is taking it a step further. The Monterey Bay Democrat wants to ban cigarette filters altogether.

"Cigarette filters are the number one item of plastic trash that end up in our streets, roadways, parks, beaches, waterways, and it's long past time that we do something affirmative to clean up this mess," Stone said.

In addition to the environmental improvments, the bill would save millions in clean-up costs.  The California Department of Transportation estimates the cost of cleaning up cigarettes on roadways alone exceeds $40 million a year.

If Assembly Bill 1504 becomes law, there would be a $500 fine for selling or furnishing cigarettes with single-use filters.

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