Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says there is "increasing hope" of a breakthrough in the hunt for the missing Malaysian airliner. 

There is new satellite data showing floating debris in the southern Indian Ocean. 

This new lead comes as the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 enters its third week. 

There is still no confirmed trace of the Boeing 777 that has gone missing with over 230 people aboard. 

French authorities say radar echoes from a satellite put the debris finding over 14-hundred miles from Perth. 

Meanwhile, a U.S. congressman says Malaysia needs to share more information about the missing jet. 

GOP representative Patrick Meehan of Pennsylvania told CNN's "State of the Union" Malaysian authorities aren't being very open with either searchers or missing passengers' families. 

Search efforts have moved to the Indian Ocean near Australia.  Nothing was found during Sunday's search. 

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority says the search area was covered in fog but conditions improved during the day.