AP/Sports Illustrated 

Barbie is making a splash in "Sports Illustrated's" latest swimsuit issue.  

The iconic doll, who has been the subject of much criticism over her molded plastic body throughout the years, is appearing in the magazine's 50th anniversary issue without apology.  

In a statement to "The New York Times," Barbie doll maker Mattel says posing in the issue "gives Barbie and her fellow legends an opportunity to be who they are, celebrate what they have done and be unapologetic." 

In fact, Mattel is using the hashtag "Unapologetic" as the theme of its campaign - a move that has sparked some discussion, for and against, online.

In one blog post, one critic said "It's easy to be unapologetic about your body when it is considered to be the absolute ideal standard of beauty in the society in which you live."  

Another Twitter user questioned whether "Unapologetic" is appropriate for a child's toy.  

Others, meantime, are voicing support for the campaign, making cases for why she might be the most feminist doll around.