A rabies scare in Davis has parents at a neighborhood park worried. 

On Aug. 13th during the noon hour a bat was found inside a tire swing at Davis Community Park. 

The bat flew out of the swing and onto the ground, said Vicky Fletcher, chief animal officer with the Yolo County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division. 

She says children playing in the area reported the bat to animal services, who removed it and took it in for testing. The bat tested positive for rabies. 

Fletcher says this is not an isolated case. 

"Yolo County is actually considered a rabies endemic county because we do have positive cases for rabies both in bats and skunks," she said. 

Fletcher says this is a local colony that does migrate but returns to this spot each year.

The bat colony is under an over-crossing at Covell and F streets at the entrance to the Davis Community Park.

Visitors to the park are warned not to touch bats that may be dead or dying, but call animal control instead. 

Meanwhile, San Joaquin County has its first animal rabies case of 2014.  

It is a case involving a feral kitten from a rural part of the county.

The kitten was exposed through a bat, per the lab report.

Public Health Services has investigated the case to make sure all known contacts have received appropriate treatment or other intervention to prevent the spread of rabies.