A new piece of gun legislation is making its way through the state Capitol.

In response to the recent streak of gun violence, the Senate Public Safety Committee has passed a bill that would temporarily take guns out of the hands of at-risk people.  

Assemblymember Democrats Nancy Skinner, Das Williams and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson say AB 1014 would give law enforcement the ability to obtain a Gun Violence Restraining Order to temporarily limit a person's access to firearms when there are warning signs of violence.

The bill was modeled on California's domestic violence restraining order laws and would be valid for one year, unless the order is renewed.

Currently, Connecticut, Indiana and Texas have similar laws. AB 1014 will now be reviewed by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 1014 would provide guidance to courts for evaluating whether to issue an order, based upon a person’s prior acts of violence or threats to do so toward themselves or others.