SACRAMENTO -- A bill that would give Californians the opportunity to support American Red Cross efforts when paying taxes is one step from the the Governor Jerry Brown's desk.

Dr. Richard Pan's Assembly Bill 511 would create a Red Cross check-off box on personal income tax forms.

"The money will be used for disaster relief. Right now we have wild fires burning. We've experienced earthquakes and floods. So, it's going to support the volunteers to help the people who are affected by these disasters," Pan said.

CEO Kathleen Weis says having the resources is a huge boost, especially in light of the Rim Fire in Tuolumne County.

"Things like this happen all the time. And the ability to respond is crucial for us. So having resources, and having the taxpayers help us out is fantastic," Weis said.

Passed unanimously by the Senate today, the Assembly must approve their amendments before it heads to the Governor's Office.