Hundreds of bills that failed to pass the Legislature last year face an end-of-the-month deadline to gain initial support.

It's the first significant bill deadline of 2014, the second half of the Legislature's two-year session.

The bills are dead by Jan. 31, if they don't pass the house.

Dozens of the holdover bills already have died in committees.

Among the bills is SB-241 by Democratic Senator Noreen Evans of Santa Rosa, which would impose a tax on companies that extract oil in California.

Her bill is stalled in committee, but she plans to propose new legislation that would put the oil tax before voters in 2016, an avenue that does not require the governor's approval.

Another proposed bill is by Senator Kevin De Leon of Los Angeles -- SB-199 would require toy guns, BB guns and airsoft guns to be made to look clearly different from guns that fire bullets.