A lot of people say they feel intimidated or awkward when panhandlers are posted on street corners or near an ATM asking for money or food.

Now, Sacramento County supervisors have voted to ban aggressive panhandling. 

Supervisors voted 5-to-0 in favor of the new law this week. It would prohibit panhandling in areas where people may feel vulnerable to crime. This includes banks, ATMs, gas stations and street medians.

According to The Sacramento Bee, there are already similar ordinances like this in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Sacramento.

Joan Burke is with Loaves and Fishes, and she told the paper the ordinance is reasonable and still recognizes free-speech.

The county will eventually send out teams to let panhandlers learn about the new law.

The final vote for approving the aggressive-panhandler ban is on May 13, and will likely take effect in June.