A boy walking his three legged Jack Russell was bitten when an apparently vicious Rottweiler attacked his pet.  

It happened at Pecan Park in Orangevale.  

As the boy tried rescuing Ziggy the Jack Russell from the jaws of the Rottweiler he received a number of bites.  

The owner of the Rottweiler put the dog in his pick up and said he would go with the boy to a vet to treat Ziggy, who was critically injured.  But the man fled instead.

The boy says the suspects pickup had Oregon license plates. Ziggy ended up dying of his injuries.  

Sacramento County Animal Control says the same Rottweiler was maybe responsible for biting another man in the area.

The family is appealing for anyone who may have information about the dog or its owner to contact authorities.  

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Sacramento County Animal Control at 916-368-7387.