We've seen some compromising. The new state budget will likely include funding for high speed rail and affordable housing, and it looks like another major difference has been bridged as well.

After staging rallies and vigils in recent weeks, in-home care workers look to have scored a victory.

There are some rumblings under the dome that Governor Jerry Brown has stepped down from a proposal to deny the caregivers overtime payments.

Whether there will still be cuts to working hours total remains to be seen. 

There's also reportedly been a deal to divvy up cap-and-trade money and devote 25 percent of the money from greenhouse gas permits to the bullet train, 15 percent to other transit projects and 20 percent to affordable housing near transportation.

"So that could be a bus rapid transit line, it could be light rail," Shamus Roller, with the advocacy group Housing California, said. 

Roller says when you move a low income family within half a mile of public transportation, they cut miles driven by more than 50 percent.

Cap-and-trade auctions could generate a billion dollars this year. Lawmakers have scheduled budget votes this Sunday.

State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has said he's confident they'll get it through before Monday.