Government business is on hold in El Dorado County while one member of the Board of Supervisors waits to find out his fate in court.  

Four of the supervisors in El Dorado County think it's best to wait until a judge announces the sentence for the fifth member of their board.

Ray Nutting, 54, is involved in a court case after he was accused of accepting $70,000 in state grant money for clearing brush from his family's large ranch in Somerset.  

The sentencing is not going to happen until June 6. In the meantime, all matters currently before the board are on hold and won't get a vote.

State law requires Nutting to give up his seat on the board if he's convicted of a felony, but it allows the other board members to remove him if he's found guilty of a violation his official duties.  

The board will let the judge determine if that's the case. Nutting was reportedly acquitted on several other charges.