Californians are being asked to cut back on water usage now that Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a drought emergency.

So, how is it affecting business that depend on water usage?

Restaurants are among those working to conserve water. If you don't ask for a glass pd H2O when you dine out, you're probably not going to get one automatically.

Angie Pappas of the California Restaurant Association says changes are also being made behind the scenes.

"They're filling dishwashers to capacity before starting them up. Restaurant operators are even looking into more efficient equipment," Pappas said. 

The Quick-Quack Car Wash is also trying to cut back, even though they only use eight new gallons of water per car.

"We can use more of the recycled water, so it's kind of a fine balance that we play," Travis Kimball said. 

Kimball and the staff continue to look for ways to cut back and may even start to add recycled water to the final rinse.

With the Bermuda grass used at the Teal Bend Golf Course dormant this time of year, water usage is typically low, but Head Golf Professional Geoff Podgorny knows that will change come spring and summer.

"Luckily the turf we have here at Teal Bend is really resilient to heat. It's probably the most resilient turf that you could have on a golf course," he said. 

Even so, the greens and fairways will need to be watered, so a little strategy will be employed.

"Just kind of having your couse superintendent really keep an eye closely on where water is needed most and not just blanketing the course..." Podgorny said. 

Teal Bend also has the luxury of their own well... but extra use of the pump would mean higher power bills.