California's highest court says police agencies around the state must publicly name officers who are involved in shootings.

In a 6-1 ruling today, the California Supreme Court turned down arguments that agencies shouldn't have to release the names of officers.  

It's a decision that doesn't come as a surprise to former Sheriff John McGinness.

"I think there's some very logical, defensible ideology that it represents. It is an event in which the public has the right to know what took place," McGinness said. 

But the KFBK Talk Show host believes it's important that exceptions can be made.

"That there are some certain specific factors that come in to play, such as undercover operations, a specific threat to the officer thereafter," he said. 

That determination would take place on a case-by-case basis.   

McGinness says while some agencies will have to change their policy and practice, many have already been working toward public disclosure. 

The case stemmed from a Los Angeles Times request for the names of the officers involved in the 2010 shooting of Douglas Zerby in Long Beach.