SACRAMENTO -- In the face of federal opposition, California's superintendent continues his push to end most standardized tests, including those required by the No Child Left Behind law.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is speaking out against a California legislative bill that would overhaul the state's assessment system, but that's not stoping State School Chief Tom Torlakson from pushing AB 484.

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"We would do a field test and students in the state could either take mathematics or language arts," Torlakson said.

But Duncan says that if legislators move forward with the plan, funds could be withheld from the state. That's not sitting well with Torlakson.

"We think it is wrong of Washington to try to second guess what we have determined is the right path for the students of this state," Torlakson said.

The bill currently awaits action in the California Senate. Governor Brown has shown support for the measure.