More than 4,000 people are reported dead after Typhoon Haiyan slammed the Philippines.  Philippines government figures put the death toll at 4,460, which is almost double the last official number reported.

Local authorities originally estimated the deaths to reach 10-thousand.

In support of international relief efforts, California's office of Emergency Services is preparing to help victims of Hurricane Haiyan.

Cal OES has activated the State Operations Center, much like it would in case of a disaster stateside.

"We're looking at what do we have available to offer overseas to the Philippines if we're requested to provide help, whether it's communications equipment, whether it's expertise of folks here who know how to do recovery or special operations," said OES representative Kelly Huston.

Huston encourages those who choose to donate to do so in the form of cash so that, rather than sorting through boxes and boxes of stuff, on-site aid workers have the financial resources to purchase items for which they have an immediate need.

Click here for more information from the OES how you can join the relief effort.