California's flu season may be reaching its peak, deaths have topped 200.

The latest numbers from Sacramento County show the death toll at 24.

That number is nearly twice the amount we saw over last year a there are forty-one other fatalities currently under investigation.

"The deaths that are being reported now reflect disease that actually started three, four, five weeks ago," Dr. James Watt, with the California Department of Public Health, said. 

Watt is with the California Department of Public Health and says though the flu is notoriously unpredictable, they are seeing signs of a downward trend in new cases.

At the same time, a new worry: California has seen its first whooping cough death since 2010 -- an infant.

Watt is encouraging vaccinations for expecting mothers and booster shots for kids ages 11 or 12.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Gil Chavez says being vaccinated does not put you in more danger of getting the disease.

"Influenza vaccination is absolutely safe, it's not going to give you the flu" he implored.

Many of the people who died of the flu in our state were healthy, young people who did not get a flu shot.