Gov. Jerry Brown is getting a reprieve today on early prisoner release.

A panel of federal judges ruled today to give California two more years to meet its prison reduction guidelines.

Governor Brown had been fighting for the two-year delay, saying more time was needed before he could safely reduce the prison population.

The state now has until February of 2016 to get prison populations down to just over 137 percent of what the prisons were built to hold.

Brown has been trying to reduce prison overcrowding by sending more inmates to county jails or private prisons around California.  

The ruling orders the governor to "immediately implement" expanded parole programs and early release credits that Brown had proposed earlier this year. 

In a statement issued Monday afternoon, Brown said, 

"It is encouraging that the Three-Judge Court has agreed to a two-year extension. The state now has the time and resources necessary to help inmates become productive members of society and make our communities safer."