Members of the California Latino Legislative Caucus say 575 undocumented teenagers being held at "Naval Base Ventura County" are in good condition, but the legislators are continuing their push for Immigration Reform.

Senator Norma Torres was among the legislators who toured the base this afternoon to see the conditions children are experiencing while being detained.

"I was very satisfied to see that these children are being treated in a humane way," Torres said. 

Senator Ricardo Lara was also on the tour.

"In a time when other kids are worried about school, social media or hanging out with their friends, the kids that we met today, their No. 1 goal is to survive and to be reunified with their family members that live in the United States," Lara said. 

Lara calls it a humanitarian crisis.

"We call on the president to act swiftly and without pause on immigration reform, even if it means without Republicans, to create a fair opportunity for the over $11 million undocumented people in the United States," he said.