California has the most polarized legislature in the nation.

That's according to a new report on ideological splits between Republicans and Democrats.

Researchers at Georgetown and Princeton assigned scores to individual lawmakers and then used state-level data to arrive at their broader comparisons.

We also have the third most liberal legislature in the nation.

And you can expect those divides to come the forefront in coming weeks. The final month of the session will be a busy one.

The bulk of the upcoming debate will center on a new water bond.

There's already an $11 billion plan on the ballot, but it's believed to be too expensive and full of pet projects.

The more another proposal gets delayed, the more expensive it'll be to change voter guides. 

A bill allowing gun seizures from those believed to be a danger is also up for discussion, as is paid sick leave for all employees and a statewide plastic bag ban.

Some moderate Democrats, fearing a voter backlash over gas prices, have signed on to delay portions of the state's cap and trade law.