It's been about a month since we were told customer credit card data was stolen from P.F. Chang's, and now know how many restaurants were involved and where.

P.F. Chang's is now saying 33 of its restaurants were targeted in a recent data breach.  

Several of the restaurants affected are in California.  

The restaurant chain says it was alerted in June that its credit card processing system was hacked, and Sacramento-based State Assemblyman Roger Dickinson says the process is taking too long.  

He's pushing a bill this final month of the legislative session to incentivize retailers to better protect data by making them responsible for notifying customers more quickly.

"Secondly, that consumers would get direct notification if their data is, or their information is, compromised," he said. 

He also wants a remedy for customers who suffer financially due to data breaches.  

P.F. Chang's is urging its customers to keep an eye on their accounts for any unusual activity.

Get more information on who might be affected by the P.F. Chang's security breach, here.