The polls are open for in California, but with voting going on all day, we take a look at the numbers behind this primary.

A ballot that lacks a presidential election and citizens initiatives has led to predictions of a potentially record low voter turnout.  A little less than 18-million of us are registered to vote today. 

43% of the voters (7,692,670) are registered with a Democratic Party preference, while 28% are registered with a Republican Party preference (5,036,610).  About 21% of us (3,749,215) have no political party preference.

For the first time in California election history, the state will feature a "top-two" primary system for all races statewide.  That means candidates run against one another regardless of party affiliation, with the top two-vote getters facing off in the general election in November.

Voter turnout could be historically low for today's California primary.  In 2008 the all time low for turnout was set at 28%.  Now, elections officials around the state are predicting 32 to 35% of registered voters are expected to show up at the polls.

Keep it on KFBK all day to hear about voter turnout.  We'll also take you to candidates parties and post all the day's results right here.