The busy summer vacation season is here, and California is putting out the welcome mat for international travelers, who tend to spend more and stay longer. 

Brian Wright, with Visit California, says 15 million international tourists visited the Golden State last year, and they're projecting an increase of 6 percent this year.

"We love overseas visitors. They typically stay longer -- they stay for over 11 nights -- and they spend more trip than domestic visitors do," Wright said. 

He says California's national parks are a big attraction for international tourists. 

"The outdoor market for us overseas is also a very big draw. It's one of the top drivers for people to come visit California, so it's something very important to us," he said. 

President Barack Obama last week said he wants to make it easier for foreign visitors to come to the America.  

The president's plan focuses on making the entry process into the U.S. easier with shorter waiting periods for visas to shorter and friendlier passport and customs lines.