One of most powerful state Democrats is facing allegations of taking bribes and misusing his state office. 

Last June's raid on State Senator Ron Calderon's offices were just the tip of the iceberg.

A 125-page affidavit obtained by Al Jazzera claims the FBI has caught Calderon taking bribes and peddling influence.

And even worse, it involves members of his family, including his brother, former assemblyman Tom Calderon and even his daughter who allegedly earned $3,000 a month for doing nothing.

California Common Cause director Phillip Ung says this information is incredibly damaging to the family dynasty.

"You know, I think there's a lot of unanswered questions that voters are going to have about this well-connected and politically successful family, in regards to how much did the rest of the family know and when did they figure out about it -- and who else is keeping this as part of a secret?" Ung said. 

Calderon has yet to address the allegations and has not yet been charged in connection with any crimes.